FOP Forsyth County Lodge #82 Endorses David Waters for Sheriff of Cherokee County on 8/11/2015

FOP Endorsement Letter 2015





This endorsement is for the 2012 Election 

David – It give me great pleasure to give you the endorsement of FOP Lodge 13 for the office of Sheriff of Cherokee County, Georgia.

The over 500 members of this lodge doesn’t give this endorsement lightly. In order to give you our endorsement, we examined your experience, education, and service to the citizens of Georgia.

You have served law enforcement in various positions from deputy to senior management levels.  In today’s law enforcement field higher education is a must, and you have earned your degree and encouraged fellow employees to pursue the path.

I believe you can bring change to the office of Sheriff and make the citizens proud of law enforcement in Cherokee County.

David, I personally feel that  if you are elected to the Office of Sheriff of Cherokee County, you will be a fine example of what a public servant should be, so therefore,

Please accept our ENDORSEMENT for the Office of Sheriff of Cherokee County.

Bill Mull – President, Kermit C. Sanders Lodge 13, Fraternal Order of Police

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The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 82, Cumming, Georgia, is proud to endorse our brother David Waters for Sheriff of Cherokee County. He has over three decades of law enforcement experience and is a person of high integrity, and good character beyond reproach. He is a member of our Lodge in good standing.

David’s Experience spans 30 plus years both in Forsyth and Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office. He was associated for five years with the Cherokee County Districts Attorney’s Office. He has held key Command positions with both Cherokee and Forsyth Sheriff’s Offices supervising the following units: criminal investigation, uniform patrol, narcotics, support services, and the Office of Professional Standards. He is a recipient of the Medal of Valor life-saving award by Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

David is a proud graduate of the 122nd class of the Southern Police Institute, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky.

The Fraternal Order of Police is the world’s largest organization of sworn law enforcement personnel with more than 325,000 members in more than 2100 lodges. The state lodges support the local lodges who are involved in outreach community programs such as Cops and Kids (formerly known as Shop with a Cop), back to school supplies for under privileged kids, and Thanksgiving basket program for the needy to name a few. Our organization is missing in Cherokee at the present, but with David Waters election, a lodge will be established for the officers which will benefit the community in many ways.

Signed: Charles Nichols, President

Walter Swenson, Vice President

Thomas McCullagh – Second Vice President

John Jupin – Treasurer

Christopher Shelton – State Trustee

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Glad to see your website up and running! Can’t wait until we have someone that cares about Cherokee County running our Sheriff’s Office! Wow! $100,000 for one Captain! Just downsizing that one position would open up enough to pay about THREE Deputies! Talk about job opportunities for the citizens of Cherokee County, which also means more security and more peace of mind! You have our vote and we will spread the great news as much as possible! Best of blessings to you!

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Welcome Message from David As your next sheriff of Cherokee County, I will defend and stand up for your constitutional rights and strive to preserve life, liberty, and freedom while enforcing our state and local laws. Together, we will accomplish the goal through forming a partnership between the employees of the Cherokee County Sheriff's office and the citizens to whom we serve. Under my leadership, every asset of the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office will be utilized to assure, you the citizens, that your Sheriff's Office will operate effectively and efficiently and by good stewardship of the tax payer's dollars. Honor, strength, and experience are the three elements that will enable me, as your next Sheriff, to provide security to our citizens, children, homes, schools, business, and places of worship. As your next Sheriff, I will serve you with Honor, Strength, and Experience. I humbly ask for your vote and your prayers. Sincerely, David Waters

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